What is considered a good post?

In my opinion, a good post is something you post that good for a reader. It is something you write to attract a reader to read your post. The better way to post is to post something simple and interesting. Stay on your topic and not to confuse a reader. You can also explain and telling a reader to have imagination along with you. You should write something positive to be creative in order to make a reader enjoy the reading. You can add some pictures to let a reader see and this will help a reader to get rid of bored.


Amazing Thai Islands, beaches, and foods.

Thai Island and beaches are very famous. There are several of Islands and beaches. One Island contains with more than 10 beaches. The Island I like to visit is Koh Samui, Koh Pangan, and Koh Tao. These three Island are near to each other which offer a different point of view for the tourist. If you prefer nightlife and having some fun activities I suggest you to Koh Samui, here are some picture inside Koh Samui. Chaba Kanaba Beach resort is top 10 resorts in Samui 20140604_3_1401883009_396827

This place is amazing, you can meet with new friends and most of them are foreigner tourist. Next is Bang Rak beach, you can easily feel the wind and see the fresh blue sky from the point.1939599_10205240889969133_375719691692911057_n

Last place in Koh Samui I would like to suggest is Lamai beachเกาะสมุย

Samui has many restaurants. I love seafood and this is my favourite dish Jok Pak Mar Lobster.1410540043-IMG0118new-o

Other two Island is good for relaxing and snorkeling to see the under sea’s life. Koh Pangaen and Koh Tao1433525285-G5-o

This is the great time to spend with friends when you have arrived Koh Pangan and full moon party is very famous.

About me


Hello everybody, my name is Elisa Suwannasaeng or you can call me Pueng. I am studying in Ramkhamhaeng International University in major of B.A English. Finally, I have started on writing my blog to share with you what interesting thing I found in Thailand and around the world. I Prefer Thailand. Most of you know that Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Places I often visit are beautiful Island and beaches in Thailand with a lot of activities and foods. The thing I interest the most is a jaunt. I love to have a trip with friends and enjoy with my day. Thai Island and beaches are beautiful and this blog I considered it as a little notebook to write about the things I like and admire.10662141_10204153080614579_8517700320672175856_o

This blog will be about short story that happen in my life, places I visit, and fiction. For one day I come back and read through my old story I will feel good and it will remind me of a precious moment that I ever had it before. The journey has started from now. At the center where I stay now is a seaside. I can find a lot of fun here, slowly you will get to see a beautiful kingdom of the sea. 1614062_10202954704455924_2897998907922800574_o