How to make a good oral presenting.

To make a good oral presenting requires you to have a self-confident. Not everybody can start with a perfect performance. In order to have a good skill of presenting, you must understand what you are going to talk about. Because when you know what you are going to talk, you will avoid presenting by reading from the paper. Try to give the eyes contact to the audience to get attention by expressing a good pronunciation and emotion. You can put hand sign and gesture along the presentation to look professional. Talk naturally, and can be able to fix your mistake. Do not get panic if you make a little mistake on your oral presenting because you will lose your self-confident. Planning to ask the questions and answer the questions.

Friendship never end

I was born as with a gift. I will have to thank full to God that made me get along with good friends. Friends are always there to help me. We always helping each other since we already mature and know what to do as a good friend.

Friends are part of my family. When I stay with my friend I can feel the love and care they have offered me.

We grow up day by day and learn to be a good elder. In order to give some advice to our younger brothers and sisters. Never doubt your friends as they are helping you learn many things in your life. Learn to deal with your friends and get along with them. Try to distinguish what is good and bad. Taste what is sweet and bitter in your life and you will learn a good lesson.10710936_10204161079414544_5212255750611630596_n

Travel oversea to Norway, France, and London


I use to travel a lot. This is a picture when I stay in Norway with my family. I am half Norwegian-Thai. Norway is cold and quiet. I feel so comfortable to stay in the town where less of noises and pollution.

When I wake up in the morning the snow will cover my car and I have to clean up. Life here is very different from Thailand and remember a good time snowboarding. 537188_10200444903912479_643982033_n.jpg Next is France. I visited Paris and I found out that this city is very romantic and colorful. The weather is fine. People are friendly and independent. 181522_1781188456830_5239845_n

Next is London. London is very clean and fresh. You can see a lot of people and activities. People are formal and polite.

People here are professional.

Me and my lovely Pet


KhunKao is my lovely pet. It is a Golden Retriever. It is a very good and smart dog. It is obedience dog and it will always follow me and do what I said. 10386307_10203383164367154_4618753105263794603_n

KhunKao is very big and heavy, its fur is very smooth. KhunKao like to eat everything. Not into a serious case when it has to shower. It will always remember me. Everywhere I go I took it with me and it likes to get into the car. When the car is moving, Khunkao likes to put its head outside the window. When the wind against its face, its tongue is waving. 1235017_10201368363678396_442821959_n

I am very happy to be with Khunkao. I lay my head down on its body like a pillow.

What is critical thinking?

Critical thinking is helping you to develop analysis skill which requires you to add your own thought and evaluate the evidence and issue in order to form a judgment of your thinking value. It entails effective communication and problem-solving abilities. To have an ability to think critically, you need to have these skills:

1.) Self-directed, self-disciplined, self-monitored, and self-corrective thinking.

2.) Ability to think clearly about what to do or what you are going to do?

3.) You must be able to use complex and combination of skills.

4.) Be considering to what cause the issue.

5.) Honesty is being able to identify and differentiate your own assumption, biases and the truths.

6.) Rely on reason rather than emotion.

7.) Require evidence, ignore no known evidence, and follow evidence where it leads.