Environment issue should be resolve.

The world is not green but gloomy. In this case, many of you might easily observe that the world today is full of pollution. The environment problems that human faced today are lacking of natural resources, pollution, and ecology system.

The major problems came from the minor problems such as water pollution, air pollution, and noise pollution. The environment such as water, air, and land are very important for human. If these problems are not resolving yet, they will impact to the evolution of living life. These living things are very useful to human, but they are being used without recognizing the affection.


Coastal pollution
Coastal pollution Manila Bay/Philippines


So it causes much pollution.  Once the steam engine has started, it produced pollutant besides bad air you can see a lot of dust and trash around you especially in the city. Once the atmosphere is damaging, it will cause the radiation to warm that earth and become Green House Effect. The place where we stay is very hot because there is no green.

Not only that trash and dirt are mess around but also damage human’s habit. Not only that the noise pollution is a bad effect that is very dangerous for human. In my opinion, every problem can be resolve, so to be resolving these problems we should provide the study of pollution to people to understand and fix their living. Provide them a rule and things to get rid of this pollution such as trash bin, growing trees, and the king project. These will at least help us to reduce the problem we have faced and we will have a good land again.


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My name is Elisa Sunwannasaong. I am studying at Ramkamkaeng International University. Major of B.A English. I found myself that I am very friendly and people like to hangout with me.

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