Cooperation of the school and community for solution.

Cooperation between community and school is the main key for the development of the community, school, and society. Education is very important in many parts of community, society, culture, religions, and government. -1-638

Education involves with everybody in the community. Schools must develop learners in many directions. The school is a foundation of community development. Schools must have knowledge about the community and understand people problems. The school must provide a good education programs to the community according to their daily life.05

Also, the community has to cooperate with the school in order to share knowledge. The student is a communication between  school and community. The school will have provided a good study to the student in order to make them know about the community resources so that they can go home and practice with their family. Many of parents learn from their children and the children learn from the school.1586_2.jpg

School and parent should care about their kids for one day they will grow up as a good adult and know how to survive in daily day life.1449547054Since they have learned many things from school, they can use their abilities and skills to develop the hometown, and this will be good for their future as they know how to use the resources wisely.

Education is good, when you have the education you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of money to buy things instead of producing them.DSC_9989aek02

And their products can be useful without causing a pollution. These people needed a scholarship in order to push them up higher because they got a gift. But the problems for today is that, most of the students that do not come from a good family, they will have a hard time to get along with school or even their parent which will impact on our society. So in my opinion, the school and community should hold hands together to help their children and support them to be successful. If you the elder did not do anything you will let your children go on their own way which we have no idea whether they are doing well or not so keep in touch with them.



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My name is Elisa Sunwannasaong. I am studying at Ramkamkaeng International University. Major of B.A English. I found myself that I am very friendly and people like to hangout with me.

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