Journalist as Advocate

Journalist as Advocate or advocacy journalism is a journalist that advocates a cause or expresses a viewpoint usually for some social and political purpose, unlike propaganda. Advocacy journalists might be expected to focus on stories dealing with corporate business practices, government policies, political corruption, and social issues. Advocacy journalism is practiced by alternative media and special interest publications and programs. It is a fact base but advocate people and principle. It supports journalism and the truth to capsize the lawsuit and biased. Advocacy journalists do not set out to inform; they set out to advance an agenda, whether it be conservative or liberal. While FOX News and conservative talk radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity are the worst offenders to the public and cause the violent. The advocacy journalism can flip over the news that attacked by other publication by giving the true story and helping the voiceless people to support their case. People rely on advocacy journalism as the information resource because it is trustworthy. Are all journalism properly advocacy? In my observation, the choices they make about to cover is to act of advocacy on behalf of the public. The advocacy publication does not do for themselves but for principles: protection of privacy, government transparency and accountability, the balance of powers, and the public’s right to know.  Sometimes the advocacy journalism might argue with the persuading advertisement of publication to help you save your money from what is not necessary and there will always be a better way. One example that Advocacy journalism has reveals, when the news reports questionable activities of the conflict between the builders and  local politician with the negative environment effects by avoiding credibility supporters. The advocacy gives coverage to the town meeting and selects the interesting facts, well-researched manner, but avoid presenting credible opposition data.


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My name is Elisa Sunwannasaong. I am studying at Ramkamkaeng International University. Major of B.A English. I found myself that I am very friendly and people like to hangout with me.

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