How to make a good oral presenting.

To make a good oral presenting requires you to have a self-confident. Not everybody can start with a perfect performance. In order to have a good skill of presenting, you must understand what you are going to talk about. Because when you know what you are going to talk, you will avoid presenting by reading from the paper. Try to give the eyes contact to the audience to get attention by expressing a good pronunciation and emotion. You can put hand sign and gesture along the presentation to look professional. Talk naturally, and can be able to fix your mistake. Do not get panic if you make a little mistake on your oral presenting because you will lose your self-confident. Planning to ask the questions and answer the questions.


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My name is Elisa Sunwannasaong. I am studying at Ramkamkaeng International University. Major of B.A English. I found myself that I am very friendly and people like to hangout with me.

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